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Sunset Harbor Wading Bird Rookery, 606121 in FWC Registry.
November 1st the great blue herons arrive to nest.Sunset Harbor Great Blue Heron nestNesting is always with the same partner.Watching the interaction of Great Blue Herons is a joy.Plumage is in fashion during mating season.Each feather seems to  be used to tell a story.Taking an afternoon to sit and observe is rewarding.The Colony's first chicks hatch about December 1st.Three stages hatching is spread over several months.Most of the day is spent nest building and looking for food.Nests are very well built.It seems discussions are constant.Marion County is a Birding Center.December 31st Herons watch for final Sunset of the Decade.This nest will have eggs, and newly hatched chicks soon.Eco Tourism is a great part of Marion County's Attraction.This Great Blue Heron Study started 10 years ago today, on Dec. 31, 1999.Looking 500 years to the past, and 500 years to the future.Heritage Wading Bird Collection. db

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