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Senate and House inspects Utility Discharge to Florida's Drinking Water.Map of Ocala Drainage Discharge Sites, Legislator Hays Connects the Dots.Street Grates lead to direct discharge pipes to our drinking water aquifer.Springs Protection is a Waste of Time and Money.  Utilities are Exempt.The City of Ocala is not in the Marion County Springs Protection Zone.St Johns District Drawing  of dump site example.  Direct to Aquifer.Each Dot is a Drainage Pipe polluting Wekiva Springs Area Aquifer.Drainage Discharge in Ocala leads directly to Silver Springs.Sink Holes used for Drainage by utilities.Utility Pollution must be Counted.Representative Alan Hays inspects discharge from 17 acres of parking at Silver Springs Attraction.Senator Dean agrees with Springs Protection Spokesman.Drainage Discharge pipes, hidden from the public.  People are surprised to find they are everywhere.Rep Alan Hays Asks Citizens for the Real Story! About Utility Pollution.Alachua and Wekiva Springs Area pollute Marion County Drinking Water.Infra-Red study from space shows uniform Drinking Water flow underground.

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