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The Tea Party has replaced many in the Florida House, Kelly resigned to run for congress.Ex-Representative Kurt Kelly discusses Jobs Growth in Central FloridaSenator Charles Dean Calls for more Jobs, and for Utilities to clean up pollution discharge.Senator Alan Hays Works to Clean Up pollution to Drinking Water.Pam Bondi takes over from Bill McCollumSenator Oelrich understands Florida's Water Issues.Rep. Charles Van Zant joins a strong legislative team.Senators Steve Oelrich and Evelyn Lynn attend Senatorial Springs Meeting in Marion County.Senator Paula Dockery working for the people.Representative Kurt Kelly may replace Congressman Stearns in 2010 election. Heard on the Street.Governor Scott is the new hope for millions of Floridians.Standards to be required. FDEP asked to protect Springs and Aquifer from Utility Discharge.Discharge not filtered.  EPA to require standard.Alachua and Wekiva Springs Area pollute Marion County Drinking Water.Fewer studies, and more drain free retention ponds will clean Storm Water.Lack of Standards allows Utility Discharge  to Florida's Aquifers.Big Aquifers, under ground are difficult to monitor for pollution until it is too late.Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp is replaced by Jennifer CarrollSenator Charles Dean exchanges ideas with Cal Thomas.Representative Cliff and Joan Sterns survive first republican challenge in 20 years.

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