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FDEP asked to protect Springs and Aquifer from Utility Discharge into Drinking Water.Florida Utility Council feels each drain pipe is different, standards would cost Billions.Legislator Alan Hays investigates pollution.  Every glass of drinking water is the same.FDEP feels new nutrient standards at 10 times the Springs Pollution Standard are needed.Sewer Effluent and Storm water sent into Drinking Water Aquifer.  Utilities feel standards unfair.Alan Hays inspects sink hole used to drain pollutants because of no standards.Alachua and Wekiva Springs Area pollute Marion County Drinking Water.Infra-Red study from space shows uniform Drinking Water flow underground.FDEP agrees nutrient standards for Sewer Discharge are needed.Gainesville Stormwater and Sewer Effluent sent under ground to Marion County Drinking Water.Ocala Florida lists discharge points emptying into  Drinking Water Aquifer.Utilities are able to exempt their discharge from Springs Protection Law.City Utilities asked to stop discharging pollution directly to Aquifer.Legislators Connect the Dots.  Elected officials not asleep at the switch.Direct drains deliver contamination to Aquifer.Double standards and loopholes allow utilities to discharge directly into sinkholes.Senators study pollution in Marion County.Senator Steve Oelrich takes aim at Direct Drain Pipes to Aquifer.Senator Lee Constantine's Wekiva Springs Area plagued by direct drains.Fewer studies, and more drain free retention ponds will clean Storm Water.

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