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Representative Alan Hays inspects discharge from 17 acres of parking at Silver Springs Attraction.State of Florida addresses Agency Regulations.Governor Scott plans reform of State Agencies.Rep. Alan Hays Works to Clean Up pollution to Drinking Water.Rep Alan Hays Asks Citizens for the Real Story! About Utility Pollution.Hays Connects the Dots.  Drain Points that Pollute our Drinking Water and Springs.FDEP has built a State Wide Utility Discharge System.DEP makes the pollution Complicated. Confuse with special Code Words.DOT, DCA and FDEP control debate and science.Legislators are opening Debate, Asking about Utility Discharge.Stink Hole Drains, Drainage Well Drains, Sewer Effluent Drains, all are under review.Rep. Hays Finds Drains to the Aquifer. Hays Connects the Dots.Drainage Discharge in Ocala leads directly to Silver Springs.Rep Hays inspects a Utility Stinkhole Discharge Site.Sink hole are now termed STINK HOLES by Citizens.DOT controls access to Drainage Wells Discharge Points.Drainage Discharge pipes, hidden from the public.  People are surprised to find they are everywhere.Drainage Discharge Drawing  of dump sites Used by St John's Water District.Springs Protection is a Waste of Time and Money.Pollution Points are Exempt.

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