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Representative Alan Hays Honored January 2009 His Florida Environmental Award Honoree.

Legislators from both houses are helping to clean up Marion County Drinking Water. Utilities both, Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer must discharge millions of gallons into the aquifer.
Governer Scott's budget is a road to recovery for Florida.Tea Party lays out the red carpet in Eustis for Scott Budget Announcement.Marion County Board of County CommissionChairman Stan McClainTea Party's Ed Wilson presents to Commissioners.Senator Alan Hays as Committee Chairman questions DEP Brass.SB 550 blames citizen septic tanks for Utility drains such as Kanapaha Sewer Effluent Drain problem.Senator Alan Hays has documentation of Utility Drain to Silver Springs. Citizens are not to blame.Ex Senator Constantine's Zone, Drainage Wells polluting Wekiva Springs AreaSenators Steve Oelrich and Evelyn LynnSenator Oelrich understands Water Issues.Senator Hays has hands on knowledge of Utility Point Source pollution.Families are often blamed as polluters when it is actually Government Utilities.Senator Charles Dean Calls for Utilities to clean up pollution discharge.Florida Senator Alan Hays targets utility driven environmental problems.  Families are being blamed.Senator Alan Hays is newest member of citizen protection.Legislature Takes Notice of Utility Pollution often blamed on citizens.Senator. Alan Hays in an expert in understanding Storm Sewer discharge to Sink holes by Utilities.Drainage Well Example for discharge to AquiferEX-Senator Constantine Calls for EPA Standards for Nutrient Dumping.

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