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Drainage Discharge in Ocala leads directly to Silver Springs.Alachua Sink Discharge hidden from the public.  People are surprised to find discharge to Aquifer.Environmental Chair RepresentativeTrudi Williams fights EPA takeover.Senator Hays hopes to stop EPA, with Sink hole discharge solutions.Map of FDEP permitted, Ocala Drainage Discharge Sites, over 28 pollute drinking water.Drainage Discharge Drawing  of dump sites used by St John's Water District invite EPA rules.Senator Dean active every moment helping his Florida Voters.  May be able to stop EPA involvement.Many citizens recognized Senator Charlie Dean for solving problems without the EPA.Senator Charles Dean Calls for Utilities to clean up pollution discharge.Senator Oelrich understands Water Issues and will Stop EPA in Senate.Senators Steve Oelrich and Evelyn Lynn will work with Senator Hays to Stop the EPA.Citizens ask for Gainesville to Stop Dumping Sewer Effluent in Aquifer.Citizens had many excellent ideas to stop Sewer Discharge.Senator Dean agrees wants EPA out, turn nutrients into Bio Fuel.Technology, from space helps see Utility Discharges.Senator Hays Works to solve problems without EPA takeover.Sink hole discharge Inspections from both Houses of  the LegislatureEx-Chairman Constantine Calls for possible EPA Standards for Nutrient Dumping.Ex Senator Constantine learns of Hundreds of Utility Drains in his district.Orlando dumping must be addressed, we know where and how but EPA is not the answer.

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