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Judge David Eddy accepts courthouse for Judges.County Administrator DR. Lee Niblock, opens the courthouse for the people.David Ellspermann Clerk of the Court.Dr. Lee NiblockJudges thank the people for giving them new office space.Smiles soon fade as Judge Jim McCune asks for more black race representation.VIP Ribbon Cutting image, now not allowed under Judge McCune Race Ruling.Judge McCune Allows Political Art, creates up roar with complaint.  Removes Browning art from lobby.Removed Art: Courthouse and  Crew, of a random day during buildout, celebrates Labor and Structure.Allowed:Barbed Wire Beard.  Confused gender/intellectual prisoner about to receive 10 years to life.Judge allows: Dismembered female intellect, fragmented female breaking out of intellectual wellness.OK Beheaded Bomber Christ  of NATO Bombing, Kosovo metaphor  of war for political  positioning.Judge Allows: Courtroom Art to soothe the troubled mind.Center of the Marion County Story, Ocala Square.  Sent to jury.East Side of the Marion County Story, Silver Springs.  Sent to Jury.North of Marion County Story Wacahoota Smith Home.  Sent to Jury.New Project started with Smiles that quickly suffer under Judicial Political Message.

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