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Senator Dean calls Marion County Meeting on water.
Senators take Aim at Utilities Pollution.Senators give order,  FIRE!Drainage Discharge in Ocala leads directly to Silver Springs.Senator Oelrich who lives at Eagle's Perch understands Florida.Senators Steve Oelrich and Evelyn Lynn learn about Utility Dumping to Aquifer.Senator Charles Dean Calls Water Meeting.Senator Charles Dean Appears to be going to war against Utilities polluting our Aquifer.Florida's Springs are in trouble, Senators take aim at Polluters.Senator Dean agrees with Springs Protection Spokesman.A Marine Vet, Senator Dean brings in the Troops to fight Pollution.Senator Lynn feels Utilities should not discharge pollutants to drinking water.Senator Constantine learns of passion to stop pollution.Citizens had many excellent ideas to stop Sewer Discharge.Citizens ask for Nutrient Standards.Senator thanks Don Browning for asking Utilities to stop draining to Drinking Water Aquifer.Senators learn Federal Judge is Requiring FDEP to adopt Standards.Senator Constantine learns of Hundreds of Utility Drains in his district.Drainage Wells polluting Wekiva Springs AreaSenators Oelrich a Native Floridian questions anti-sprawl professor, who just moved to the area.Senator Alan Hays inspects Utility Drain to Ocala Sink hole.

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