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EDC of Marion County is pointing the finger of blame at Urban Utilities for Algae Blooms.Drainage Discharge pipes, hidden from public view are targeted as Water Rate Problem.Each Dot is a Drainage Pipe polluting Wekiva Springs Area Aquifer.  Public not to blame.Citizens take aim at Utilities causing water rates to skyrocket.Agriculture found to be the answer.Utilities blame farmers for pollution.  Facts show Utilities in town the real problem.Sink Holes used by Cities for Discharge, are never used by farmers to drain pollution.City Sinkhole Discharge Point is the pollution problem that often blamed on farmers and home owners.Senator Alan Hays inspects discharge from 17 acres of parking at Silver Springs Attraction.Ex-Senator Constantine pushed through SB550 on his last day in the senate. SB 550 is unfunded.The City of Ocala is not in the Marion County Springs Protection Zone.Most people don't recognize a Drain to the Aquifer.Direct Ocala Utilities Drain Pipe to Drinking Water Aquifer is drawing in EPA.Senator Charles Dean Calls Marion County Meeting on Springs Protection.Senators Steve Oelrich and Evelyn Lynn Travel to Ocala to discuss  Springs Protection.Officials are aware of Map showing Ocala Drainage Discharge pipes to the AquiferSenator Evelyn Lynn is leading SB 550 reform.  Utilities attempt to gain Millions of new customers.New Space Cameras prove that the public and farmers are not to blame for Pollution.In Space, science gives view of Urban Utility Pollution.  Kanapaha drains may be visible from Space.On the ground camera, Senator Alan Hays documents pollution point in Urban drainage System.

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