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Senator Alan Hays investigates pollution by Utilities that will raise water rates.Pollution at our Springs is drawing the Federal EPA into our lives.  Kanapaha must stop dumping.Senator Alan Hays Asks Citizens for the Real Story! About Utility Pollution.Senator Alan Hays inspects sink hole used to drain pollutants to aquifer and Silver Springs.Alachua and Wekiva Springs Area pollute Marion County Drinking Water.Ex-Senator Lee Constantine's Wekiva Springs Area plagued by direct drains.Commodore June Howells and Lake Eustis Sailing Club, thank Alan Hayes for environmental team work.Space Florida and NASA show Utility Pollution to Aquifer.Brahma Community Art deflects blame from FarmersDrainage Discharge in Ocala leads directly to Silver Springs.Studies show how Utilities blame home owners and farmers for Utility Discharge to Aquifer.DOT controls access to Drainage Wells that foul the Aquifer.Sen Hays shows Drainage Discharge Drawing  of dump sites Used by St John's Water District.Governor Rick Scott to take power back from state agencies.State Legislators have the power to help Gov. Scott take power back from Agencies.Senator Alan Hays, documenting Drain to Silver SpringsSenator Hays Staff Leg. Assistant Nanci Cornwell is ready to serve Dist 20.Senator Hays Staff Leg. Assistant Nanci Cornwell is ready to serve Dist 20.Senator Alan Hays welcomes Governor Rick Scott for Jobs Budget.

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